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What is Where is the Wildlife?

Planning a wildlife tour but unable to find the animals? Looking for a specific species to cross off your list? Wasting time and money searching? Worried about others’ treatment of the wildlife around you?
This app is the answer.

What it does:

Where is the wildlife(WWL) is a free mobile and online application for wildlife tourists and enthusiasts. WWL allows users to search recent sightings of wildlife by area/time/species and get turn by turn directions to the location. They can then upload wildlife photos, share them with friends via the app or major social media outlets and organize their personal gallery.

All Posts are time and location stamped, documenting wildlife sightings from anywhere in the world.

WWL is also a simple reporting mechanism for illegal wildlife abuse. Users document the offence by taking pictures or video. The documentation is then sent to us and available to other users as a general warning.

Find. View. Share. Protect.

Review Guide

Download the PDF here

Where is the Wildlife is a geolocation and photo sharing app that uses real-time sightings and data to find, view, share and protect wildlife.

The application combines a mobile smart phone app with an online web portal to allow multi-device functionality. Users can access the Where is the Wildlife mobile and web apps from anywhere in the world.
Following our commitment to respectful wildlife tourism, the app also features a protection system, in which users can document and report wildlife abuses, right on the app.


o Search recent sightings of the animals you want to see. Look around your area or the rest of the world.
o Access turn by turn navigation to the wildlife. Fast. Accurate. Easy.
o Post your sightings. Help out others and quickly mark sightings on your map. You can add a personalized message or picture for other wildlife enthusiasts.


o Organize your search by time of sighting.
o Take pictures of what you see using the native camera embedded right in the app.


o Upload your pictures and share with friends. Join our growing community of wildlife enthusiasts, or link to facebook, twitter, google + and more!
o Browse other’s galleries and get inspired for your next trip or catch up on friends’ adventures.


o Read the Code of Conduct to learn the do’s and don’ts of wildlife viewing
o Join the discussion on good practices to follow when observing nature.
o Report bad conduct with safety in mind, right on the app.

  1. Download

Search “Where is the wildlife” or use the following links:
Google Play Store:
iTunes: Coming Soon!

  1. Create an account

To begin using the app, you must create an account. Tap the “Sign Up” button to create a separate account, or connect your account to facebook or google by tapping “Sign up with Facebook” or “Sign up with Google” respectively.
Enter your email, desired nickname (which will be your alias in the app and cannot be changed), and password.

  1. Search

Tap the map icon on the top half of the home screen. In the top search bar, type the name of species you’d like to find, then browse relevant sightings by location or date sighted.

  1. Navigation

Tap “take me there” to get turn by turn directions to the sighting.

  1. Record

Once you’ve spotted an animal, you may take a picture, upload it to your gallery and add important details for you and others.

  1. Report bad conduct

If you would like to report a wildlife abuse, tap the menu icon in the top right of the homepage, and select “report abuse.”
Take a photo or video of the abuse and fill out the relevant details.
Your reports help foster a culture of mutual respect, transparency and enrichment.
Thank you.

Where is the wildlife is a free app that can be used by anyone, anywhere. The app is supported by advertisements, which can be bought and custom crafted by our in-house design team. In order to learn more about buying advertising space, please contact the team at Thank you.

Mobile Application

Android 4.0 or iOS 9

Web Application

Windows 7 or Higher and associated current browsers

The app is currently in Open Beta. Plans for a second, paid version are currently being made, but there is no set release date at this time.


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